The Walking Dead: Abraham’s Bus Crashes (GIF)


It didn’t look like this week’s episode of The Walking Dead was going to be off to a quick start, but one bad turn on a straight road changed all of that. 

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead got off to an intense start all thanks to a bus crash that has pinned Abraham’s group down in the middle of nowhere with nothing but some knives to defend themselves with.

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Not only that, but they happened to crash next to a hoard of walkers, which further complicated issues for the now stranded group. Thankfully, they were able to slice their way out of the jam, but the bus has been wrecked, which makes things a lot harder than they already were shaping up to be.

The biggest twist of the night has yet to come, but the bis crashing and stranding the group is not making things any easier. Abraham feared that the mission had been failed with the crashing of the bus — and the shot to his sack — but Glenn reassured him that they were still on track.

Of course, as we all know, this is only going to lead to more heartbreak for an already broken Abraham.

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