What Is Next For Abraham On The Walking Dead?


Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead changed everything for the character of Abraham Ford.  We learned a lot about Abraham’s past, how he lost his family, and his near suicide after finding their bodies.

Things got even worse for the former military man when it was discovered that the mission he had accepted to get Eugene to Washington D.C. was a complete lie and that he had been risking his life and the lives of others for nothing.

Now that his mission is no more, what will Abraham need to do in order to find the motivation to go on?


In the comics, Abraham goes into a deep depression after he finds out about Eugene’s lie.  He and Rick have a great talk where Abraham admits that he’s less mad at Eugene than he is at himself for believing him.  He talks about the guilt that he has for all the people that they lost along the way for a cause that didn’t even exist.  Just as they talk about Abraham’s now fragile mind, they are interrupted by a stranger named Aaron looking for two men named Rick and Abraham.

Rick is skeptical of this man and knocks him out cold.

When Aaron finally comes to, he tells Rick, Abraham, and the gang about a place where they have a safe walled-in community and accept people with skills that can help them thrive.  After a trip to a location near Washington, D.C., the group lands at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, where Abraham lands a role as a construction worker.

Strangely, I don’t think this is the way that it will go down on the show.  I think that Noah will stay with the team and lead them up there after the midseason finale.  It just makes more sense than introducing another character to lead the group North.  Noah has already talked about a group up north, and it could very well be the one that the group ends up at eventually.

What do you think?  Will Abraham find his purpose in the Alexandria Safe-Zone?  Discuss it in the comments below!

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