Abraham’s Sex Scene Almost Got The Walking Dead Pulled By Censors


The Walking Dead is known for pushing boundaries, but the boundaries were pushed so far that this past week’s episode was almost pulled by AMC’s censors.

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Things usually get intense with The Walking Dead, but the episode that aired this past weekend was almost pulled by AMC over the most un-Walking Dead reason ever. While the show is known for it’s blood and guts shock value, it was a sex scene that almost got the episode yanked by censors.

According to Michael Cudlitz, this past week’s episode of The Walking Dead was almost pulled by the censors over a sex scene — you know the one we’re talking about.

The scene took place after the group had taken refuge and were unwinding while trying to plot their next move. Abraham was demonstrating another angle to his character — while Eugene creepily watched behind a bookshelf.

Having a show like The Walking Dead run into issues with censors is not hard to fathom, but the reason being a sex scene is a little out there. It’s not unfathomable but it’s just interesting to know that on a show where guts and body parts are literally eaten, sex is still the thing that censors are openly concerned about.

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