Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman Says Jason Statham Rumor as Negan a Hoax

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Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman put down the rumor of actor Jason Statham joining the show and taking the role of Negan. 

There are a number of names that people are throwing out there as the possible actor to take the role of Negan on the Walking Dead. Negan will be one of the villains that will be introduced in the show down the line. We will have to assume that he will not be introduced in this season since they are finsihing up the filming on the finale soon.

One rumor that Robert Kirkman has put to rest is Jason Statham as the possible actor to take the role as Negan. That is a big time name to put on the list, but Kirkman says that the rumors are not true.

That would have been pretty sick to land him for that role. They both have that build that could kill and I believe that Jason could play that bad guy role pretty well.

Who will play taht role of Negan on the show though? Who fits that part?

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