Why Couldn’t Eugene Stop Thinking About Father Gabriel?


There was a line of dialogue in Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead that went under the radar by many fans.  After Tara distracted Eugene from peeping in on Abraham and Rosita’s intimate moment, he told her something really interesting that could have been misinterpreted by viewers of the show.

Eugene told Tara that he couldn’t stop thinking about the preacher.

Many folks online took this to mean that Eugene was trapped in thought about Father Gabriel locking himself in the church while the others scratched and pounded on the structures walls in an attempted to gain entry, eventually being devoured by a group of walkers.

However, during a bonus clip from Talking Dead, Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene on The Walking Dead, explained what that really meant.  Here is the video:

So, instead of talking about the act of Father Gabriel shutting those people out, Eugene was talking about him sharing his secret with the rest of the group.  Eugene had to be kind of nervous about how much the group was pressuring Gabriel for the truth when he was holding such a big lie himself.

After Father Gabriel had shared his secret with the group, they were accepting and understanding.  Eugene tested this theory on Tara, who fully accepted Eugene’s admitted sabotage of the fuel in the church bus.  Perhaps it was those two moments combined that gave Eugene the strength, along with the fear of traversing the massive group of walkers on the road, to come clean about his lie to the group.

Now that Eugene has confessed his lie to the group, what will his new role be?  And will the group be as accepting of him as they were to Father Gabriel?  Those will be interesting questions that will be answered in future episodes of The Walking Dead.

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