The Walking Dead: Consumed – Rumored Spoilers


Our friends over at Spoiler.TV are at it again.  They managed to have an advanced screening of Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled Consumed.

They shared a list of spoilers from the episode on the SpoilerTV website in order to give fans of The Walking Dead some idea of what to look forward to in the episode.



Here are a dozen of the most notable spoilers from the viewing:

  1. Atlanta is very different from when we last saw it.  Daryl and Carol find this out when they actually reach Atlanta.
  2. Expect more flashbacks in this episode.
  3. Carol and Daryl actually find shelter in Atlanta.  And it’s a very familiar place.
  4. It will RAIN walkers from the sky.  Well, kind of.
  5. There will be TWO car accidents in this episode. One of them is a big surprise.
  6. Expect a LOT of fire.  Many things will be burned and some of it will be very symbolic.
  7. We will learn Daryl and Carol’s taste in artwork.  Strange, but could be fun and interesting.
  8. The topics of Sophia, Mika, and Lizzie will all come up.  But not in ways you’d think.
  9. Carol and Daryl make one MAJOR mistake that will result in an injury.
  10. Five characters will be in this episode of The Walking Dead, with Carol being the only female.
  11. Daryl will lose something that he’s well known for at the hands of a thief.
  12. Expect some arguing between Carol and Daryl in the episode, but in the end, they share a bed

A huge thanks go out to SpoilerTV for their great predictions and spoilers.  They are a very reputable website that has provided their readers with solid spoilers and information for quite a while now.

You can watch The Walking Dead: Consumed on AMC Sunday night.  Check your local listings for time and availability.

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