Walking Dead ‘Consumed’ Instant Recap


The Walking Dead goes to a flashback on Carol after she was dismissed from the group from the prison. It was a quick flashback, but it did show that she was trying to get back to the prison because she saw some smoke coming from that direction. She drove back out there and noticed that damage from when the Governor and company came out and invaded.

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Daryl and Carol lost the car that hey were following and found a nice spot to stay for the moment and had some conversations on what Carol would have done if he didn’t show up. She wasn’t sure what she would have done.

They heard a couple of walkers in the room and noticed that is was a mother and child. Daryl told her that he would take care of it and she didn’t have to deal with it.

They realized that it was headed back to the city and they went out to Atlanta. As the two were scouting and looking for Beth and the people that took her, Noah found them and stole their weapons. Noah took her rifle and Daryl’s crossbow.

Carol fired off her pistol at him, but Daryl pushed her hand out of the way so that she wouldn’t hit him.

Daryl and Carol saw an abandoned truck with a cross on it, so they went to go over there to see what it was all about. As they were scouting it, they were surrounded by walkers and had to find a way out. The only way that they could get out was to drop that van off of the bridge and hope to survive. They came down with some bumps and bruises and also had some walkers fall from the sky onto the car as well.

Noah looked like he was following Daryl and Carol around. They were in the same building when Noah was firing off his new toys off at some of these walkers. He doesn’t seem able to take care of himself outside on his own. While he was making a ton of noise around, Daryl and Carol followed him out and Carol had a walker tossed onto. Daryl had to save her from the walker and then found Noah trying to push a bookshelf on a door in order to stop a walker from coming through.

Daryl smashed him into the bookshelf and it fell on top of Noah. The walker got through the barricade and could have eaten Noah, but Daryl decided to save him.

Naoh looked out the window and saw that the hospital people were around and worried that they were after him. That notified Carol and Daryl of the hospital people and that they have Beth in there with them.

As they all were trying to get to safety, Carol was ahead of the group and was hit by a hospital car. They took her in and Noah held him back because he warned them of all the people that they have over there. Noah also mentioned that they can help her get well.

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