Discussion: Why Is Carl A Babysitter Again In Season 5?


In season 5 of The Walking Dead, we’ve seen a lot of development in the story of many survivors.  Sadly, not ever character seems to be advancing in their group position.

In fact, Carl Grimes seems to be going backwards.

After a stint in season 4 where he had to defend his father from walkers and fend for himself, Carl now finds himself as the group’s babysitter once again.  Although I”m sure he doesn’t mind too much since it is his little sister Judith, Carl’s toughness is being wasted in his current role.

Robert H. asked a question on Twitter about Carl’s role with the group.  Here is what he inquired:

“Why do you think Carl’s role in the group has regressed to babysitter once again?”

The folks over at TheStream.TV answered his question for us.  On The Walking Dead After Show hosted by Malynda Hale, Glenna Gasparian, Kegan Schell, and David Fichtenmayer discussed this very question and gave their opinions.

Here is the clip with the gang discussing why they think Carl is left behind to watch Judith all the time:

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