Walking Dead: Who Will Head Back to Hospital With Daryl?


In the next episode of the Walking Dead, Daryl is headed back to the church to get reinforcements, but who will be able to join with him to head out on the mission?

In the next episode of The Walking Dead, it looks like we will see the group head to the hospital to get Beth and Carol and to take over that madness, but what is happening with Abraham and the DC group? What are they doing right now? Will they head back to the church to join back with the rest of the crew and if they do, will they get back in time to help take over the hospital?

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Daryl is going back to the church to get some reinforcements, but who will be there when he gets back? Daryl likely thinks that everyone else is back at the church sitting around, but the group is separated at the moment.

Daryl won’t have Glenn, Abraham and the rest of that crew back at the church waiting for him. This mission will be with Rick and company. There still is plenty of firepower with the group that is left at the church.

The mid-season finale is shaping up to be a good one. Can’t wait to see what happens when the two forces meet.

We know that Rick will be part of the people that will head in that direction. He has to be involved, plus we have seen a ton of previews with him there.

I bet Tyreese is left back to watch Judith. That is his role now. Carl likely will be back there with Judith as well. He has always served as another person that sits back with Judith.

Michonne and Sasha likely will head out to the church though. Father Gabriel? Can he even do anything that will help them out?

Who else can Daryl bring back with him? Noah definitely will be on the mission. He knows the area better than anyone else.

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