Is Eugene Now A Useless Character On The Walking Dead?


Dr. Eugene Porter was slated to be the savior on The Walking Dead.  He convinced Abraham to assist him on his journey, acting as his bodyguard and putting his and the life of others into jeopardy to protect him.

However, two week ago, Eugene finally spilled the beans to Abraham that he was lying about being able to end the outbreak once he got to Washington, D.C.  Now that Eugene is no longer the focus of getting the group to the nation’s capital, what will Eugene’s role be for the group?

On the surface, Eugene is now a useless character.  He can’t defend himself against walkers, he can’t even really run fast enough to get away from them.  He doesn’t offer any of the kind of skills that someone like Abraham, Rick, or even Michonne has.  So what good is he now?

While survival skills are important, other skills are just as useful in the walker apocalypse.  As a former science teacher, Eugene may be able to help out in ways that none of the other survivors can.  In fact, his knowledge in science is something that could be a major factor in keeping the group alive in the future.

Case in point, when in the bookstore, Eugene was able to start a fire using a battery when the other survivors would have had no clue what to do in that situation.  His knowledge in small things like that are just a small piece of the things that he can accomplish.  If the group can realize this before they jump to conclusions about his lie, the survivors may realize that he’s a more valuable part of the team than they ever imagined.

When we last left Eugene, he was laying on the cement, just having being beaten to a pulp by Abraham.  Once he recovers, hopefully everyone calms and to find a role for the scientist before they make a harsh decision like ejecting him from the group.

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