Funny or Die’s The Walking Dead After Show Is Hosted By Zombies (Video)


The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television which means the spoofs and parodies are only going to continue to roll in from Funny or Die.

It wasn’t that long ago that the folks over at ‘Funny or Die’ were spoofing The Walking Dead with the help of Steven Yeun. This latest spoof has no cameo appearances, but it skewers the series in the most hilarious way.

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Everyone has seen parodies of The Walking Dead itself, as zombie parodies are nothing new to society. What we haven’t really seen are the after shows made fun of, despite how they’re the most easy target for someone to attack. We all love Talking Dead, but taking a step back from it shows you that it’s a solid hour block of television devoted to telling you about what you just watched.

Funny or Die takes that concept and spins it on it’s head a little:

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This is a hilarious concept and something we should have seen coming from ‘Funny or Die’. More of these are needed, as the show is getting more intense which means we’re all going to need something to watch for a laugh when our hearts continue to get broken by The Walking Dead.

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