Melissa McBride To ‘Shippers’: ‘No Need To Get Nasty’


Melissa McBride is my favorite actress on The Walking Dead.  She has been a part of many of the most emotional and story changing scenes in the program’s recent history.  Last week’s episode featured her and Daryl Dixon on their search to find out what happened to young Beth Greene.

The episode was quite good, with Carol and Daryl having a fantastic connection on the screen and making things quite interesting for most of the episode.  In fact, most viewers really enjoyed Consumed because of the great performance of the excellent actress.

But, surprising, Melissa McBride got more than kudos for a great acting job.  She saw fans of The Walking Dead hating on each other.

That hate was between two groups of fans known as the Bethyls and Caryllers.  Bethyls are fans who ship (ship is a term for wanting two characters to get together romantically) Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon.  They don’t want Carol and Daryl to get close enough to begin a romantic relationships on The Walking Dead.

Here’s what’s Melissa McBride had to say to the ‘shipping’ fans that watched Consumed on Sunday according to a recent Entertainment Weekly interview:

"“I’m afraid they may have been disappointed.”"

She continued her message in the article for those fans who are pushing so hard to see Daryl Dixon in a romantic relationship.

"“There are so many ships — so many ships sailing. They’re going to conk into one another, and it can get a little nasty and that kind of makes me sad. They can get nasty to one another. It’s just a TV show. No need to get nasty to each other. Especially because nothing has happened.”"

McBride is right, there’s no need to get nasty about any of the characters on The Walking Dead.  In the end, it is just a television show that many fans enjoy.  Sure, we can pull for some characters to get together, but don’t take it too seriously that it ends up in wars over social media.

In the end, can’t we all just get along?

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