Walking Dead ‘Crossed’ Will Include Back Story on how Rosita met Abraham


In the next episode of The Walking Dead ‘Crossed’, we are going to see a little back story on how Rosita met Abraham. We saw how Abraham and Eugene came together and Rosita wasn’t seen in that introduction. Rosita must have found her way with those two at a later time.

In the flashback for Abraham, we learned that he was trying to protect his family form a group that they had camped out with in a grocery store. He had beaten the crap out of those guys, but his madness had scared off his own family and they were afraid that Abraham had turned into one of those crazy people as well. After they had run off, Abraham finds them dead and Abraham wanted to off himself when he heard Eugene running from some walkers. Abraham saves Eugene and them Eugene lies about that fake mission out to DC. That is how those two got together in a nutshell. The story was similar to what had been written in the comics.

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Will they stay true to the comics again with the introduction of Rosita?

HERE IS HOW THE COMIC GOES… if that wasn’t enough of a warning…

In the comics, Rosita used her looks to get protection from other men. She had pleasured them and moved from man to man until she got to Abraham. It was her way of surviving this madness. Eugene lied to stay alive and Rosita hooked up with dudes in order to stay alive.Whatever your can do to stay alive in this crazy world!

Rosita got to Abraham and noticed that he was different from the other scumbags. He was kind and protective and kind to Rosita. So she stuck around and that is how it all went down.

Will the TV series play out in that same manner?

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