The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Will Be Deadly


Strap on your seat belts because we are about to go on a ride of our lives with the mid-season finale for The Walking Dead. There is going to be blood. There is going to be deaths. There is going to be surprises. There is going to be more blood… and more deaths… and everything that we love about The Walking Dead.

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Here is what Robert Kirkman had to say about the mid-season finale on the Hollywood Reporter:

"This confrontation is definitely going to be substantially different from the confrontation with The Governor or Gareth. We do continue to evolve these human-to-human conflicts in very interesting ways, and this is no different. There are going to be some pretty unexpected events in our midseason finale, which is as it should be. On a scale of one to 10, I’d say [the midseason finale is] pretty deadly."

We only are a couple of episodes away and it sounds like that the confrontation between the group at the hospital with Officer Dawn and Rick’s group will not go over very peacefully. Why would we even assume that would happen though?

The confrontation is supposed to be substantially different between the confrontation between the Governor and Gareth? Weren’t those some pretty bloody events as well? Rick and crew tore up Gareth’s group and took mercy out on them. Gareth’s finger was shot off and Rick pulled out that machete with the red handle and started hacking away. The rest of Rick’s crew went balls out as well.

As for the confrontation with The Governor, we lost Herschel and  his head was chopped right off of his body. How bloody was that? We are going to see even more craziness like this? Let’s bring it on!

Who is going to die?

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