The Walking Dead: What’s Next For Eugene On The Show?


When we last left Eugene on The Walking Dead, he was laying on the street after receiving a huge beatdown at the hands of an angry Abraham.  Eugene had revealed to Abraham, Rosita, Glenn, Maggie and Tara that he was lying about knowing the secret to stopping the walker apocalypse.

So, now that he’s not going to save the world, what’s next for the awkward Eugene on The Walking Dead?

The group could accept him back into the group and continue on the trek to Washington D.C. just like they told the rest of the survivors at the church that they would.  When they all get to that location, then the group could inform everyone of the lies that Eugene Porter had spread.  Then, the group as a whole could decide what they want to do with him.

Or, out of anger and spite, they could eject Eugene from the group on the spot and leave him to fend for himself.  A sentence like this for Eugene would most likely be fatal, since he lacks the essential skills to adequately protect himself from walkers or other humans.

Eugene has a lot of explaining to do when he regains consciousness.  He has to accept the responsibility for all the survivors that have died in the quest of accomplishing his “mission” as well as apologize profusely to the group.  In addition to that, he will have to prove to the group that he has some skills that makes him a valuable asset to the group.

Will Eugene be able to swallow his pride enough to do that?  Or will he end up on his own against the walkers?  Hopefully we find out soon.

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