The Walking Dead’s Melissa McBride Talks Season 5


Season 5 of The Walking Dead may have been Melissa McBride’s best work yet.  Although she is remembered for her excellent work in episodes like “The Grove” in season 4, her character took a real turn when she single handedly brought down the walls of Terminus and helped Rick Grimes and the rest of the crew escape.

Recently, AMC sat down with Melissa McBride to ask her some questions about season 5 of The Walking Dead.  Here are some of the highlights of that interview:

First, she was asked about what it was like to film the fight scene between her and Mary inside Terminus.  Here’s what she said:

"“Mary and I did tumble around on the floor quite a bit, but the stunt double went into those candle holders. They didn’t want to take any chance of us landing wrong or catching on fire. They are very well-trained and did such an amazing job. We just picked up from where they landed on the floor.”"

Sure, it’s a little disappointing that Melissa McBride didn’t participate in all the stunts, but it’s always safety first when it comes to a high profile show like The Walking Dead.  Speaking of safety, she shed a little light on the scene where the hospital van was dangling off the overpass.

"“It was very frightening. Norman and I were literally hanging over a real bridge in downtown Atlanta. It was rigged and braced professionally by Darrell Pritchett from the special effects team. We trust the people we work with, but I had never seen anything from that perspective before and I hope never to again. We were seeing the ground below at an angle. When the van goes over, that’s obviously not us. Those were dummies done by Greg Nicotero and his team. Once it hits underneath the bridge, we went back inside and did a little jostle; and that was that.”"

It takes a lot of trust and faith in your crew to put yourself in a position like that.  Mistakes and accidents happen on sets all the time.  Despite that, The Walking Dead has an excellent cast and crew that help seemingly make filming an enjoyable and harmless time.  Melissa McBride and the rest of the cast are in good hands when it comes to the experts that work on The Walking Dead.

On top of that, Melissa McBride has seen her fan base grow by leaps and bounds since her appearance on The Walking Dead and her character’s evolution into one of the biggest badasses on the program.  However, fans always seem to have one request on the autographs that she gives out.

"“The number one thing fans want me to autograph on a photo is ‘Look at the flowers. Love, Melissa’.”"

Let’s hope that the character of Carol Peletier isn’t looking at the flowers any time soon on The Walking Dead.  Melissa McBride is a wonderful actress that brings realism and passion to every scene that she is in.

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