The Walking Dead Season 5 Has Wrapped Filming


After a handful of ruling months that saw filming get intense at times, the production on the fifth season of The Walking Dead has come to an end. 

For months now, we’ve all been looking to Atlanta to give us some insight on how the fifth season of The Walking Dead will go, but any on set spoilers being searched for will have to now wait. Filming for the fifth season of the series has wrapped, meaning the final batch of episodes this season are being edited and prepped for air.

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We won’t actually see those episodes until later in 2015, as the midseason finale at the end of the month is slated to push fans hard and leave us all hanging on a cliff. What happens in the at midseason finale will be critical to the second half of the season, but no matter what happens there seems to be no turning back now.

With filming wrapped on the fifth season, fans can take a step back and acknowledge just how successful this show has been over the years. Some shows are lucky to see a second season, let alone five of them but that’s what The Walking Dead has managed. It’s not a spoiler of any sort to say that the fifth season has wrapped filming, but it’s no doubt an achievement in of itself.

Outside of the story and the heartbreak and the success, fans can’t ignore that the show is a hit and that five long years of work have been put into something they adore so much.

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