Walking Dead ‘Crossed’ Instant Recap


The Walking Dead ‘Crossed’ aired on Sunday night. We opened with everyone back at the church and they prepared the church to deal with any walkers that came up to it and then Daryl, Rick, Tyreese, Noah and Sasha headed out to Atlanta to save Beth and Carol. They are on a mission. The plan is to kidnap some officers and exchange them for Carol and Beth.

Back at the hospital, it seemed that Beth had said a few things that could have gotten Carol killed. Officer Dawn told the other officer to take her off of her meds in order to show her authority. When the other officer walked away, Officer Dawn gave Beth the keys to the medicine cabinet and told her that if she wanted Carol alive, then she would have to make it happen.

Back with  the group in DC, Eugene was knocked the hell out still from the Abraham punch. While Maggie and Abraham sat around waiting for him to get back up, the other guys separated and found some fish nearby. Glenn ans Rosita found some fish while Tara found some backpacks off of other walkers.

Back at the church, Father Gabriel is losing his mind. He is trying to clean off the blood in the church. He was vigorously working to get that blood off from Gareth and his group. Carl made Gabriel pick up a weapon and told him that he needs to learn how to use one of them and he chose a machete.He was seen in his room taking up the floorboards. He ran away and had to fight off a walker, but he is out wandering around right now.

At the end of the episode, one of the captured officers Bob Lampson was left with Sasha. He was telling a sob story about one of the walkers that was burned into the street and Sasha was going to head out and take care of the walker. She went to the window to look out at the walkers and the officer smashes Sasha into the window and he ran off.

Now what is going to happen.