Discussion: What Weapon Would You Want Against Walkers?


On The Walking Dead, we’ve seen a lot of different survivors.  Many of them will use whatever they have available as weapons to defend themselves from walkers, but others have a very specific weapon that they enjoy.

Michonne has her sword.  Daryl Dixon is well known for his crossbow.  Tyreese is remembered for his ability to take out walkers with a hammer.  Everyone seems to have preferred way of dealing with the walkers, but there has to be one method that is more efficient than the others.

But that brings up a good question.

“If you could only have one weapon on The Walking Dead to help protect yourself, what would it be and why?”

The Walking Dead After Show on TheStream.TV answered this question for us.  The program is hosted by Malynda Hale and includes panelists Glenna Gasparian, Kegan Schell, and David Fichtenmayer.  In an Undead Walking EXCLUSIVE clip, they discussed this very question and gave their opinions.

Here is the clip with TheStreamTV’s The Walking Dead After Show discussing what weapon they would choose:

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Fans of The Walking Dead shouldn’t miss out on any of their discussions, since they talk about a lot of things that other shows might not touch on during their programs.  Archived episodes are also available on their YouTube page.

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