Walking Dead ‘Coda’: TV Schedule, Live Stream, Time and More


Walking Dead ‘Coda’

Date: Sunday, November 23, 2014
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. EST
Episode Name: Coda
TV Info: AMC
Live Stream: You can watch the latest episodes online at AMCTV.com and Amazon Instant Video.

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In the last episode of the Walking Dead, ‘Crossed’, we were left with Rick and his crew heading out to meet with Officer Dawn and he is on this plan to make an agreement to trade off some officers that he is holding hostage for Beth and Carol. This is the plan that Tyreese has created and it looked like it was working out well until Sasha got a little lax with her hostage, Sergeant Lamson. Lamson was telling his sob story to her and it got Sasha sucked in. He was able to catch her off guard and smashed  her head into a window. We were left with Sasha lying on the ground and Sergeant Lamson running loose.

What is going to happen now that Lamson is free? The plan for making a trade looks like it could turn difficult. Lamson is running free and will be looking to get back in the hospital.

Back at the church, things seemed well except Father Gabriel has escaped out and nobody knows that he is gone. We don’t know too much about Father Gabriel in our brief introduction to the character, but he is one timid character and he will be getting into some trouble out in the middle of the woods with all the walkers.

Back on the road to DC…. or the road that used to be heading out to DC… that group still has not gotten up moving since they found out that Eugene was a fraud. Eugene finally has woken up after getting knocked out by Abraham. Glenn, Rosita and Tara found a nice fishing spot and picked up some good dinner for the day. We still don’t know what their plan is.

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