Discussion: Who Is Your The Walking Dead Dream Team? [VIDEO]


Over the course of five seasons, The Walking Dead has given us many great characters.  Some are great leaders, while others have excellent skills in medicine, science, cooking, or even music.  Sadly, not ever character gets to live very long on The Walking Dead, and we have to say goodbye to them.

But what if we could choose any 5 people from AMC’s The Walking Dead to form a “Dream Team” of sorts?  Which five characters would you choose to be a part of that squad?

If I had my choice, I’d most likely take Rick, Hershel, Shane, Dale and Carol.  Rick is a badass leader who always seems to have a good plan.  He’d have his former police partner there to help him along and push him when needed.  Carol is a master of stealth and destruction with a caring side that could help a lot.  Hershel could act as the team’s medic and conscience.  And Dale can fix pretty much anything and read people like a book.

That poses an interesting question to fans though:

“If you had to pick a Walking Dead “Dream Team” of survivors, who would it be?”

That exact question was asked by Sarah Westerberg on our facebook page.  We passed that question along to the folks at theStream.tv‘s The Walking Dead After Show.  The program is hosted by Malynda Hale and includes panelists Glenna Gasparian, Kegan Schell, and David Fichtenmayer.  In an Undead Walking EXCLUSIVE clip, they discussed this very question and gave their opinions.

Here is the clip with TheStreamTV’s The Walking Dead After Show discussing who would choose:

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