The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Preview (Video)


The Walking Dead wrapped up the first half of the fifth season on Sunday night, but before the show goes away fro two months we were teased with what is to come.

The midseason finale episode of The Walking Dead packed a ton of emotional punch, and it’s looking like the second half of the season is going to be one helluva ride. But before we get there, fans are going to have to endure the agonizing annual two month hiatus the show goes on.

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Before The Walking Dead left us though, we were all given a tease as to what is next or those who didn’t get shot in the head by Dawn on Sunday night.

Here’s a look at the midseason preview for The Walking Dead:

The second half of the season is going t be emotional, as losing Beth in the midseason finale is something that has devastated fans but will similarly devastate character on the show as well. The Walking Dead loves to twist the knife the way it did on Sunday night, but the far reaching effects of Beth dying are profound and unprecedented.

This isn’t a death like Hershel where it was coming from a mile away. Beth was someone who had a lot of story ahead of her and it was all cut short in the matter of moments. That’s a reality that is going to drive the second half of the season, as things will only get more intense when the show returns on February 8th.

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