The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman Confirms First Gay Character to Join Show


There have been rumors that Daryl Dixon will be revealed as gay on The Walking Dead, but Robert Kirkman countered that with confirmation of a different openly gay character. 

Darly Dixon is one of the baddest mothers on television but there were rumors that he may become the first openly gay character on The Walking Dead. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this other than the fact that it’s simply not true and not going to happen. Still, the idea of having an openly gay character on the show is very much something the series is thinking about doing and Robert Kirkman confirmed as much on Sunday night.

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During Talking Dead after the powerful midseason finale, Kirkman confirmed that there will be an openly gay character introduced before the end of Season 5. He’s a character that viewers from the show aren’t yet familiar yet but he’s there in the comics — named Aaron — and will crossover onto the show.

Here’s a brief description of just who Aaron is:

"Aaron is a character first encountered in Issue 67 of The Walking Dead comics, and is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone community. In the comics, Aaron is a recruiter for the community and comes across Rick and the group, following them to see if they would fit in at Alexandria, before he reveals himself to Rick and Abraham."

Aaron is going to be introduced in the second half of this fifth season and he’s likely going to stick around for a while. The fact that he’s openly gay won’t be that big of a plot point though, as such a thing is just going to further along his character development rather than playing a pivotal role in who he is and why he’s on the show.

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