Steven Yeun Was Sheldon’s Roommate On Big Bang Theory


Both The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory are insanely popular shows that have insane followings.  However, there is an actor that was on both of these television programs that is still alive and kicking.

Actor Steven Yeun had a small role on The Big Bang Theory back in 2010.  The Big Bang Theory is a show about several scientists trying to relate to the outside world while trying to maintain relationships and be successful in their careers.  One of the main characters on the show is Dr. Sheldon Cooper.  Dr. Cooper is a control freak who does such things as claim spots in the house as his own and force his roommates to sign agreements upon their arrival.

Stephen Yeun played the role of Sebastian on The Big Bang Theory, acting as Sheldon’s roommate that got fed up with his controlling ways.  Here’s a video of Stephen Yeun interacting with Johnny Galecki, the man who replaced him as Sheldon’s roommate on the show:

Considering this episode of The Big Bang theory aired in 2010, it’s amazing how young Stephen Yeun looks in this clip compared to how he looks now as Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead.  Still, it’s a huge credit to Yeun that he had the opportunity to be a part of two of the biggest television shows in modern history.

Stephen Yeun is currently part of The Walking Dead’s fifth season.  He’s been on The Walking Dead since the show’s first season and seems to be a big part of the story going forward.  Hopefully, he won’t have to start another project any time soon, as he is a fan favorite on The Walking Dead.

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