The Walking Dead: Beth Dying Was Planned In Season 4


The Walking Dead killed off a major character in the midseason finale, but producer Scott Gimple had been planning on doing it for a while anyways. 

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead was beyond intense, which is saying a lot considering the things we’ve seen s far in the series. But while most moments in the series have been intense in a violent way, the midseason finale packed more emotional punch in the last five minutes than we’ve seen all season long — again, that’s saying a lot.

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Beth being killed was a defining moment for the series, and it’s one that left fans shocked and choked up. It’s not a moment that was a spur of the moment type of thing though, as it was being planned for a very long time.

Producer Scott Gimple stated in a recent interview that he had actually been planning to kill off Beth as far back as season four, with everything coming to fruition in the midseason finale.

"I was definitely planning this since season four in some ways; in broad strokes. We honed up exactly what it was this season. We had to be planning it since season four because the white cross car was in episode 413. Many aspects of the Grady Memorial story we had more or less hashed out since then."

Beth having so much promise ahead of her highlights the reality of her death. While The Walking Dead is just a show, her death mimics so many real life deaths that see individuals with such bright futures and purposes cut down before their time.

It’s a death that will no doubt have a far reaching impact, and that’s something we will no doubt see in the second half of the season.

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