Emily Kinney Sees Scott Wilson As Her Father Figure In Real Life


On The Walking Dead, Emily Kinney and Scott Wilson had an interesting father/daughter relationship.  That relationship was so believable, that some might think it was real life.  Strangely enough, the two actors share that kind of relationship even now since their characters are no longer on the hit AMC show.

Both Beth and Hershel were fan favorites on the show, but only recently have we had to say goodbye to Beth.  She met her demise during Sunday’s midseason finale for The Walking Dead’s fifth season.  In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Emily Kinney talked about her relationship with Scott Wilson after the shows.

"“We have talked. Actually, we even had dinner together. I was in LA a couple days ago for ‘Talking Dead,’ on Sunday night, and after ‘Talking Dead,’ we went and got some dinner together.” Emily said."

It’s nice that the two actors have kept in touch.  It’s kind of funny that one of the main ways that fans of the The Walking Dead stay in touch on Twitter is with the hashtag #TWDFamily, because that’s exactly what the fans, actors, and crew all are.  But there’s a special relationship between the former on screen father/daughter pair.  At least Emily Kinney feels this way.

"“He’s awesome.” Emily Kinney added. “He’s kind of like a real dad, I feel like. I’ve introduced boyfriends to him! I feel like I have to get his approval! And also, he’s got that sort of vibe where you just feel very taken care of when you’re around him, so I really like him.”"

But it’s more than just being likeable and friendly.  Scott Wilson always seemed like a sage on The Walking Dead, giving great advice and trying to be a moral compass to many of the other characters on the show.

"“I don’t know that he really gave me a ton of advice, but more just kind of comfort and confidence sort of boosting, like, ‘This is just sort of the beginning of your career,’ and, ‘This is just the end of one chapter… there’s so much more out there,’ and definitely he’s given me very much like an open door sort of vibe… that kind of thing.” Emily said. “So I would say more than specific advice, it’s more of like he’s given me a lot of comfort.”"

One thing we know for certain is that we will miss both Hershel and Beth on The Walking Dead.  While their characters run on the show is over, we now know that their relationship will live on, much like their legacy on The Walking Dead.

Major thanks go out to both Emily Kinney and Scott Wilson on fantastic jobs on AMC’s The Walking Dead.  We look forward to seeing more of their projects in the future.

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