The Walking Dead: What Is Happening In Abraham’s Head?


During the first half of The Walking Dead’s fifth season, we’ve learned a lot about some of the survivors on the show.  One episode, titled Self Help” taught us all about the history of Sgt. Abraham Ford.

Very little of Abraham’s history is positive.  We learned that he lost his family to walkers after saving them from the brutal antics of the other survivors at the grocery store.  Then, he found out that his entire mission to Washington D.C. was a sham since Dr. Eugene Porter wasn’t who he said he was.

Abraham was left nearly catatonic in the middle of the road heading toward Washington D.C. for a large portion of an entire episode.  He felt no sense of purpose and had no reason to live.  He was even harassed by fellow survivors Rosita and Maggie in one of his darkest moments, perhaps even pushing him closer to the brink of completely snapping.

Instead, we saw Abraham make a miraculous recovery and seem to forget everything that happened.  Is he repressing all his anger and sadness?  Is he just playing tough for the rest of his travelling companions?  Or is he actually “healed” of these issues.

Abraham’s struggles have to be addressed in the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead.  There’s no way that he can move on past this point in the story with addressing what changed in his character to make him feel like life was worth living again.  With all the buildup for Abraham in season 5 so far, there has to be some major payoffs with his character that just haven’t happened yet.

So what do you think is in store for Abraham in the last 8 episodes of The Walking Dead season 5?  Will we get an explanation for Abraham’s sudden desire to live and return to normalcy?  Or will we be left wondering what is going on in Abraham’s head?  Discuss it in the comments below.

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