The Walking Dead Spoilers: Things Get Weird In Midseason Premiere


The Walking Dead is set to premiere the second half of its fifth season in February, and producer Robert Kirkman is giving a tease on what to expect. 

When The Walking Dead aired its midseason finale this past Sunday, it shocked and devastated fans all over. But things will have to move forward as the show will be coming back with the second half of Season 5 at the beginning of February.

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The Sunday after Super Bowl XLVIX, The Walking Dead will return and it sounds like things are primed to get weird for all who survived.

As Robert Kirkman put it in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, things are going to get real in the second half of the season for Rick and the gang.

"In the next half-season, this group is going to be grounded to the earth emotionally, substantially but not literally (laughs). They’re going to find themselves in wildly different set of circumstances. They are going to go through it emotionally and it’s going to get harder for them before it becomes weirder for them."

The death of Beth is going to have far reaching effects, no doubt, which will make things even harder on those who survived. It’s going to be a ruckus remainder of the season this year as the emotional stakes are as high as ever and the fallout from Beth’s death is going to make things really weird.

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