AMC’s The Walking Dead Continues Getting More Popular


The Walking Dead is doing something that many shows fail to do. Not only is it retaining viewers well into its fifth season, but the show is as popular now as it has ever been.

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead raked in 14.8 million viewers according to Entertainment Weekly.  The episode dominated the 18-49 age group, earning 9.6 million viewers in that demographic.  That is an increase of 23% from last year’s midseason finale.  Not only that, but it became the biggest midseason finale in The Walking Dead’s history.

But it’s not just that one episode of The Walking Dead that is soaring in popularity.

The Walking Dead’s fifth season is currently enjoying a 13% ratings boost from last year.  This is very surprising since many shows at this point in their run begin to get stale or fans begin to lose interest in the ideas and concepts behind the show.  Instead, The Walking Dead is getting more popular each year, gaining more and more fans on a regular basis.

Even Talking Dead, the show that recaps the events from The Walking Dead is enjoying an increased viewership.  They also enjoyed record numbers for their midseason finale, garnering 6.6 million viewers, 4.2 million of those in the prized 18-49 age group.

The Walking Dead is betting on the success of their franchise, especially since the hit AMC show has been renewed for a sixth season and they will be introducing a new companion series in 2015.

How much longer can The Walking Dead keep up this kind of popularity?  Will viewers soon get bored or disinterested?  Only time will tell what will happen.  In the meantime, we can all enjoy the excellent show that The Walking Dead has become.

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