POLL: What Is The Best Walking Dead Season 5 Episode So Far?


The Walking Dead’s fifth season is off to an intense start.  We’ve seen two major character deaths, lots of drama, and tons of action.  We’ve seen several characters transform along the way and even introduced some new faces to the group.

While every episode of season 5 has been good, everyone has a favorite.  Everyone has different favorite characters and different storylines that they enjoy.

But that brings up a great question:

What is the best episode of The Walking Dead so far in season 5?


Here is a quick description of each episode of The Walking Dead’s fifth season:

Season 5 Episode 1: No Sanctuary – Carol engineers a plan to help the remaining survivors trapped in Terminus escape. The group reunites with loved ones they were separated from.

Season 5 Episode 2: Strangers – The group meets a stranger named Father Gabriel, who helps them find refuge in a church.  Bob is abducted by The Hunters and has his leg eaten.

Season 5 Episode 3: Four Walls and a Roof – Bob reveals he was bitten in episode 2 and that The Hunters ate ‘tainted meat’.  The group executes a plan to eliminate The Hunters and Bob passes away.

Season 5 Episode 4: Slabtown – The mystery behind Beth’s disappearance is revealed.  A whole new group of survivors is introduced at an Atlanta hospital.  Beth and Noah plan an escape that doesn’t go quite as planned.

Season 5 Episode 5: Self Help – Abraham’s past is revealed.  Also, Eugene confesses to the group that he isn’t a government scientists and that he can’t engineer a way to eliminate the walkers.

Season 5 Episode 6: Consumed – Carol and Daryl embark on a mission to get Beth back.  They meet Noah along the way and he joins them.  Carol gets hit by a car and is taken to the hospital Beth is at.

Season 5 Episode 7: Crossed – Daryl and Noah return to the survivors at the church and work out a plan to get Carol and Beth back from the folks at the hospital.  Some survivors are left behind at the church.

Season 5 Episode 8: Coda – The showdown at the hospital happens, but things don’t go as planned.  Beth and the head official from the hospital die in a hallway confrontation.  Maggie sees her dead sister.

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