Will New Villains on The Walking Dead be The Whisperers?


The Walking Dead TV series thrives when there is a villain for all of the fans to hate. The show has killed off their latest villain when Officer Dawn was shot in the head during the mid-season finale of Season 5. Gareth and his group of Hunters from Terminus were eliminated quickly early in the season, so who could be the next villain to join the show. The show should be introducing some villain at some point in the back half of the season.

*SPOILERS: Before reading any further, there will be some speculation based off of the comics series.*

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Comic fans are looking forward to the appearance of Negan on the show. Negan is the main villain on the comic series and is one of the baddest people walking around in this mad world. There still could be some time before he makes his appearance on the show though. Robert Kirkman hinted at Negan showing up in Season 9 on the show. If the show is not going to introduce Negan, than who will be the next villain for the fans to hate?

There is new speculation starting to develop on the next villains on the show being a group called the Whisperers. This group could have been hinted at by Morgan Jones during Season 3. During the episode “Clear”, Morgan was in a frenzy and was mentally unstable while he was with Rick and the crew. He was talking mad, but part of his ranting talked about “people wearing dead people’s faces.”

Let’s give a little description on these Whisperers…

These Whisperers were recently introduced into the comics. In issue 130 (released on August 13, 2014), this new group of villains were introduced. The Whisperers are described as a mysterious group of survivors who disguise themselves with walker skin to blend in and not get noticed. Not a whole lot is known of this group since they were just introduced on the comics. In a different twist, the TV Show could take a step ahead of the comic series and start making people speculate if the comic series will follow what is happening on the show instead of the other way around.

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