AMC’s The Walking Dead Will Have More Romance Soon


With AMC’s The Walking Dead currently on their midseason break, there isn’t a lot of news going around.  The folks close to the show are keeping information regarding the final 8 episodes of season 5 pretty tight lipped.  In fact, even the spoilers that are coming in are being very vague about when they will happen.

In a recent article from E! Online’s Spoiler Chat, we did get a little tip about what could be coming up soon on the show.

"Courtney: The Walking Dead tore me up. We lost Bob. We lost Beth. My baby Daryl needs a hug. What can you tell me about what’s to come?Hmm, how about more romance? When asked if there will be another couple coming, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd spills, “There’s got to be! Of course they’re in the cards, I can’t say when they’ll happen though.” Ugh, you mean we have to watch?! The nerve of some people."

The Walking Dead already has Glenn and Maggie as their headlining couple with Abraham and Rosita also seemingly having a relationship.  So who could be the next couple we see show up?


Gale Anne Hurd could be talking about Aaron and Eric from The Walking Dead’s comics.  This couple are recruiters for the Alexandria Safe-Zone and encounter Rick and the rest of the group to potentially bring them to the location.

There is also a rumor that Tara will have a romance with a character that is slated to be played by Alexandra Breckenridge in the near future.

Or they could throw us all for a loop and make a couple that none of us see coming, like Rick and Sasha or Michonne and Eugene.

It’s The Walking Dead, so anything could happen, but at least we know there will be more love in the air soon.

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