Are Blonde Women Disposable On The Walking Dead?


The Walking Dead is a fantastic show.  It’s a program where anything can happen to any character at any time.  However there seems to be a trend where one type of character dies at a more frequent rate than any other.

Women with Blonde hair seem to be a dying breed on the show.  They are usually portrayed as being emotional or downright mentally unstable.  While there have been several blonde characters introduced on the show, all of them have met their end.

Here is a current list of the blonde women who have passed away on The Walking Dead:

  • Beth Greene is the most recent blonde female to die.  She met her demise in the season 5 midseason finale of The Walking Dead.  She was shot in the head by Officer Dawn Lerner.
  • Andrea wasn’t really a fan favorite on the show, but she played a major role on the show.  She joined the cast very early in season 1 and lasted all the way to season 4, where she was placed in a situation where she took her own life rather than become a walker after an altercation with The Governor.
  • Amy was Andrea’s sister who was bit by a walker in season 1 of The Walking Dead.  She was part of the RV camp just outside Atlanta where Lori and Carl were staying.
  • Lizzie and Mika Samuels were the young sisters that were taken in from Woodbury at the prison.  We all know now that Lizzie was crazy.  She killed her sister Mika in hopes that she would come back as a walker and prove they weren’t bad.  Lizzie was eventually shot by Carol in Season 4.
  • Sophia Peletier was Carol’s daughter that got lost in the woods when the group stopped at a large traffic jam on the highway outside Atlanta.  She was found as a walker in the Greene family’s barn.
  • Patricia was Otis’ wife on the Greene family farm.  She was devoured by walkers during her attempted escape from the farm after it was overrun.
  • Meghan Chambler was the young girl that The Governor bonded with after the fall of Woodbury.  It seemed like she would help The Governor be more compassionate, but she was bit by a walker on the riverside, dying in her mother’s arms.
  • Summer is one you might not remember as well.  She was the first little girl walker that was ever shown on the show.  She was shot in the head by Rick Grimes in the first episode of The Walking Dead.
  • Hannah was the bicycle girl from the webisode series.  She was ripped in half by walkers in the webisode, but was introduced to AMC’s show in a scene where Rick took a bike from just outside her reach and rode away.

Personally, I think it’s just a coincidence that blonde women die at an alarming rate on The Walking Dead.  There are currently not any alive in within the major characters on show, but some folks are outraged about the death of all the blonde ladies.  I think people just need to relax and enjoy the show.  There will be more blonde characters to come along.  Heck, they might even be major characters.  But there’s no use getting upset about a show where anyone can die at any time.

What do you think?  Does The Walking Dead unnecessarily kill off the blonde females on purpose?  Or is it just an accident?  Discuss it in the comments below.

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