The Walking Dead Featurette Teases Action In New Episodes (Video)


The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television and the second half of the fifth season is being teased with a new featurette.

We still have to wait until the beginning of February for new episode of The Walking Dead, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be looking for sneak peaks any chance we get. With a lot of time between now and new episodes premiering, fans of the show are having to get creative to find their fix for The Walking Dead while it is on hiatus for the winter.

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It’s hard to find anything about the second half this intense fifth season, but AMC doesn’t want you to forget about The Walking Dead while it’s away. That’s why they’ve released a new featurette that teases the second half of the season.

The latest featurette teasing the second half of the season is out and while it has no spoilers attached to it, the preview is enough to make us all want The Walking Dead to return sooner rather than later.

There seems to be big things in store for the last half of season five, and with Beth dead there will no doubt be massive fallout from that in a lot of ways. She’s also probably not the last main character to die in this season, as someone else is likely to croak before the season is over and fans are desperately trying to prepare themselves for more heartbreak.

The fifth season of The Walking Dead returns on February 8th.

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