The Walking Dead Is The Most Tweeted About Show Of 2014


The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television and the amount of times the show was tweeted about serves as proof of that. 

AMC has a true hit on their hands when it comes to The Walking Dead, as the series routinely beats out Sunday Night Football in the Nielsen ratings and has been a staple for the network for years.

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But you need to look no further than the show’s social media reach to see just how impressive the following for The Walking Dead is. With the innovation of Twitter now a normal part of our daily lives, The Walking Dead and the show’s fans have made their mark on social media this past year.

According to The Wrap, The Walking Dead was the most tweeted about show of the year, beating out the likes of Game of Thrones and The Blacklist.

"“The Walking Dead” finished first in Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings with an average audience of 4.934 million per episode. It also had the most average tweets with 576,000."

This comes as no real surprise, as The Walking Dead is one of the most popular show son television and it’s a show people love to talk about. Naturally this would mean a large social media following but to be the most tweeted about show of the year is pretty intense. With hit shows like The Blacklist, True Detective and obviously Game of Thrones all having banner years, The Walking Dead once again is the undisputed champion of everything it can be.

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