The Walking Dead: Will Anyone From The Hospital Join Rick?


Near the end of The Walking Dead’s season 5 midseason finale, Rick Grimes did something that seemed like an awkward thing to do considering all the stuff that has been going on in this season of the show.  He invited absolute strangers to join the group.

Not only were the folks at the hospital strangers, but they were the same folks that were holding both Beth and Carol against their will.  They were people that were with Officer Dawn who had just shot Beth Greene in the head.

Of course, Rick probably heard all about Officer Dawn and the workings of the hospital from Noah on the trip to the hospital, but he should still be much more wary of who he invites to the group.  After seeing how the folks at Terminus acted, dealing with The Hunters, and now Grady Memorial Hospital, you’d think Rick would be much more careful about who he would want to travel with, especially considering that he’s had to deal with the death of two members of his group already this season.

Despite that, Rick has already made the effort to extend an invitation to his group to all the people at Grady Memorial.  So, who of the survivors would join him?

It looks like Noah will be joining them for sure.  But it looked like nobody else walked out of the hospital with the group as they left.  Will the rest of the folks stay behind at the medical facility, or will there be a couple folks filtering out of the hospital at the beginning of the next episode?

Personally, I think it would be cool to have Dr. Edwards join the group to help the group deal with medical issues.  They could add some firepower by having Shepherd or Licari join up.  There might be a couple wards that should want to come along, but from the looks of the preview videos for the second half of season 5, the group likely won’t be growing too much because of Rick’s generous offer.

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