Andrew Lincoln Says Back 8 Episodes of Walking Dead Feel Like a Different Show


We are all waiting around to see the back 8 episodes of the Walking Dead to air. Sundays are just not the same without the show on the TV Screen. The final 8 episodes have already been filmed, so the actors know how things are going to roll out. Actor Andrew Limcoln spoke on an interview about the back 8 episodes and he said that it feels like a whole new show.

"“The scripts I’ve read and what we’ve been filming so far, it feels like we’re moving into a new show,” the actor said during an interview. “It’s like a new place, visually, and also storywise.”- Fashion and Style"


We are assuming that the Walking Dead will be heading to the Alexandria Safe Zone in the back half of the season. That is where the group could stay for a while and get settled in. A safe zone would mean less walkers and more drama. More relationships between characters in the group will build. Once everyone gets comfortable, it will be a perfect set up for another big villain to be introduced to ruin the happiness.

How will the fans deal with a storyline with less walkers? It will feel like a whole new show. The show still will do well since the fans are invested in a number of these characters. I don’t know how many people will be rooting for Daryl and Carol to get together. I don’t know how many people will be looking for Rick to get into a relationship with someone. There will be some new characters introduced on the show as well. Could these characters actually start to trust others when they get to the Safe Zone?

Showrunner Scott Gimple shared his thoughts on the back 8 episodes in the same interview:

"“The back eight has a very interesting structure, there are some very emotional moments, there are some very crazy moments, and there’s a huge change for the situation of these characters.”"

It is going to feel like a different show, but we will still love it.

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