Glenn Danzig To Produce Song For The Walking Dead Soundtrack


The Walking Dead is a hit around the world, and it’s rock and roll nature had indeed roped in some real life rock stars for help. 

Earlier this year it was announced that thrash metal guitarist Ian Scott from the band Anthrax will be having a cameo on The Walking Dead but he’s not the only metal head who is going to be dropping by the show.

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Glenn Danzig, who has performed with bands like Misfits and his solo act Danzig, will be helping out The Walking Dead in the form of producing a song for the official soundtrack of the show.

The singer said in an interview recently that he’s going to be doing a song for The Walking Dead soundtrack from AMC.

"“I was surprised,” he said. “I watched one episode. ‘Cause someone had said, ‘You’ve gotta watch this.’ And I remember the indie comic. ‘Cause I still have my comic company. And I remember the indie comic. And I started watching it, and then I watched another episode, and I [was like], ‘Oh, I’ve gotta see all these back episodes.’ [Laughs] It’s a great show.”"

Usually, dark and mystical things that involve zombies is cut and pasted over the metal world. But The Walking Dead hovers above that line of filth and manages to be a respectable show interested in more than blood and guts. That doesn’t mean people in the metal world don’t get that, and Danzig is among those who get what The Walking Dead is all about.

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