The Walking Dead: Is Rick Grimes Losing Focus On His Family?


When The Walking Dead began, the focus of the show was simple.  Officer Rick Grimes woke from a coma in the hospital and went out on a mission to find his wife and son.  An intense search began for Rick, running into some strangers along the way and learning about what has been going on since he’s been in his coma.

It didn’t take him long to find his wife Lori and his son Carl.  In fact, it only took a couple episodes for the three survivors to reunite at an RV camp outside Atlanta, Georgia.  Since then, we’ve seen Rick go to great lengths to protect Carl and Lori.  However, the dynamic took a big turn during season 4 of the show when a big fight between Rick Grimes and The Governor left Rick unable to protect himself.

During that time, Carl Grimes played the role of protector to his father.  He gathered food and supplies while watching after his dad.  Carl was forced to grow up in ways that he never had to before at the prison or on Hershel’s farm.

Since then, the dynamic changed a bit.  Rick Grimes became more of a lone gun, often leaving his family behind to go on missions to rescue survivors or ambush some attackers.  Carl Grimes has become the one concerned for the welfare of his family, dedicating himself to protecting his sister Judith in his father’s absence.

Some might say that Rick’s leaving on those trips is his way of protecting his family, even though he’s leaving them behind much more often than in the past.  He’s a more efficient leader, but the jury is still out if he is still a good father.  There’s quite a bit of debate as to what kind of a father Rick has become after becoming a more ruthless man.

Has Rick Grimes lost focus on what the show began as the focus?  Is the quest for saving and protecting the Grimes family taking a backseat to Rick becoming a kick butt leader of the group?  Discuss it in the comments below.

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