The Walking Dead: Which Major Character Should Die Next? [POLL]


The Walking Dead’s fifth season has had no shortage of human deaths.  We’ve lost some characters that were near and dear to the show’s fan base and many others that we were just getting to know.  While some characters are missed by fans of the show long after they’re gone, others are easily forgotten or only grieved for a very short period of time.

We saw Beth Greene and Bob Stookey die in the first half of season 5, and both will be missed for a while.  But others like Lori Grimes and Andrea didn’t nearly have the same kind of support following their demise.

That brings up a good question though.  Which character would you miss the least if they were to die in the second half of the fifth season of The Walking Dead?  For that, we’ll ask you!

Here are the top candidates for death at the end of this season:

Tyreese – His non-violent ways have made him a huge target in the walker apocalypse.  Although he’s shown the ability to protect himself when in immediate personal danger, he lacks the mindset to survive if things got really bad.  If he doesn’t change his ways, he’ll put himself and the rest of the group in even more danger than he already has.

Maggie – Maggie has just dealt with the death of her father a little while back and now just found out her sister was alive only in time to find out she was shot in the head by Officer Dawn.  Maggie will be dealing with a lot of depression and heartbreak, possibly leading her to do something drastic.

Sasha – She’s already shown that she’s not in the right state of mind after losing Bob.  The incident with the hostage at the warehouse was a warning sign that if she doesn’t get her grieving out of the way and get her head on straight that she could be a liability to her own safety and a hinderance to the rest of the group.

Eugene – Upon revealing his lie to the group, Eugene no longer really serves a function in the group.  Sure, he can still start a fire with batteries and purify water, but he has zero skills at dealing with walkers and has yet to take one out on his own.  Plus, have you seen him attempt to run from the undead?  Yikes!

Father Gabriel – Gabriel seems to have finally accepted how bad things have become in the world outside his church, but he’s got a lot of work to do before he can be considered a functioning and productive member of the group.  He’s easily distracted and still holds his faith near his heart, which is a weakness on The Walking Dead.

Who do you think should die next on The Walking Dead?  Vote Below:

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