One Walking Dead Actor Could Appear In Companion Series


Although The Walking Dead’s companion series will feature a new location, a new timeline, and new characters, it appears as though the show won’t be made up of complete strangers to fans of the series.

Here is what was said in a recent article from The Hollywood Reporter:

"Sources tell THR that an early script features one character who briefly appeared during a key season one episode."

I find that to be very interesting.  There weren’t a a lot of characters that were introduced in The Walking Dead’s first season.  So let’s take a quick rundown of some of the named characters that were in that season:

Since it says “one character”, I think we can rule out the Morales family.  Since this is set in time before the events that happened in The Walking Dead, the companion series would have to have all the members of the Morales family alive.  And that constitutes more than just “one”.

It could be Dr. Jenner.  The official from the CDC could have been working in California prior to being in Atlanta on The Walking Dead.  There’s also a rumor going around that it could be Dr. Jenner’s wife, but I don’t even consider her a character since she never was shown alive on the show.

If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Guillermo.  He was the man in charge of the home for elderly folks and leader of the Vatos.  He would be a really interesting character to learn a bit more about.

What do you guys think?  Who could be the character that “briefly appeared” on The Walking Dead that is currently scripted to make his appearance in the companion show?  Discuss it in the comments below.

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