The Walking Dead Gets Hilarious ‘Love, Actually’ Parody (Video)


The Walking Dead tends to get attached to the works that those on the show did before they joined the series — specially and most oddly, Love Actually.

It’s almost Christmas time, and that means folks everywhere are starting to soak Christmas movies left and right. One of the modern Christmas classics seems to be the 2003 film ‘Love, Actually’, which stars a pretty famous The Walking Dead face.

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Andrew Lincoln had a big role in the film and starred in what is arguably the most famous scene from that film and one of the most romantic scenes of the last decade on film. In the scene, she silently tells the woman that he loves how he feels about her by showing her a series of cue cards with his romantic message written on it.

Here’s the original scene:

Naturally, The Walking Dead has been mashed up with this to create one of the most hilarious Christmas parodies we’ve seen.

Check out the hilarious parody mashup of Love Actually and The Walking Dead below:

This isn’t the first tie ‘Love, Actually’ and The Walking Dead have crossed over with one another. In the season finale episode ‘Talking Dead’ last year, a fan called in via Skype to ask Andrew Lincoln a question using the method of cue cards.

That was a cute and hilarious moment as well, with this parody being something all Walking Dead fans can enjoy this Holiday season.

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