Morales Will Be Back on Walking Dead Companion Show “Cobalt”

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Let’s look back at who Morales is.

His first appearance came on the 2nd episode of season 1. He was part of the group that was on a supply run in Atlanta when they found Rick. Merle, T-Dog, Glenn, Andrea and a few others were part of the group on the run.

When they got back to the survivor camp, he was reunited with his wife and family. He believed that the group had to tell Daryl about what happened to Merle. They had to tell him the truth. Merle was left on the roof handcuffed.

The last we saw of Morales, he decided to take the family and travel out to Birmingham in hopes of finding other family members. They were not going to go to the CDC with the rest of the group. Rick gave Morales a gun with a box of ammo and a walkie talkie. That is the last that we saw of Morales.

What will happen with the Morales family? Will his family be part of the show as well? Why is he in Los Angeles during this timeline? Does this mean that Morales will disappear from this group to head to Atlanta?

H/T Undead Walking reader – Susan Graham