The Walking Dead Named The Most Tweeted TV Show Of 2014


Recently, the Nielsen Group released a list of the the most tweeted television shows of 2014.  Sitting on top of that list was AMC’s hit zombie program The Walking Dead.  The show beat out juggernauts like The Bachelor, The Voice, and Dancing With The Stars on their way to becoming the most talked about television show on Twitter during 2014.

And it wasn’t even really close.

The Walking Dead dominated the average audience on Twitter, having 128% of the second place show’s (The Bachelor), audience.   This is pretty easy to believe, as many folks enjoy live tweeting episodes of the show and even enjoy tweeting about it during replays and other shows like Talking Dead.

Here is the list of the top 10 talked about shows on television according to Nielsen:

Many of the shows on this list should come as no surprise.  There are both mass and cult followings for these programs and all have either drama or interactive elements to them.  The only one that surprised me was MTV’s Teen Wolf, which I personally didn’t know was that popular.

Still, it’s astounding the number of folks that enjoy hopping on Twitter to discuss shows.  Our twitter account of @UndeadWalkingFS try to live tweet every new episode as it airs on AMC.

A huge thanks go out to the massive fan community on social media who follow The Walking Dead and enjoy tweeting about it.  We always enjoy interacting with other fans, discussing plot points, and sharing our articles with readers out there.  It’s fans like those on Twitter and Facebook that help let people know that a show like The Walking Dead can continue to be relevant well into its fifth season.

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