Gareth Feasting On Bob’s Leg Makes List Of Shocking TV Moments In 2014


The Walking Dead has had it’s fair share of shocking moments, and Gareth eating Bob’s leg made a list of EW’s most shocking moments in television of 2014.

It’s not hard to watch an episode of The Walking Dead and get a little squeamish at times. After all, Daryl Dixon knocked a guy out by ripping off a walker’s head and hitting his attacker with it. But while there are moments like that in every episode, The Walking Dead manages to go above and beyond at certain points.

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One of those moments came near the beginning of Season 5, as poor Bob was at the mercy — and empty stomachs — of Gareth and his followers. The incident of Bob’s leg getting eaten by Gareth was gross, to say the least, but it was wildly effective it he shock department.

According to Entertainment Weekly’s year-end list of the most shocking moments in television, The Walking Dead ranked in the Top 100 for feeding Bob’s barbecued leg to Gareth near the beginning of Season 5.

Of course, this ended badly for Gareth as Bob let it be known that he was infected and so too were mostly everyone who ate his leg. You can cook out bacteria, but you probably can’t cook out whatever the hell the walkers have. Gareth ended up meeting his demise at the hands of Rick — in brutal fashion — and Bob truly did get the last laugh.

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