What Would You Pack For A Zombie Outbreak?


Preparing for a zombie apocalypse isn’t easy.  There has to be some kind of balance in the items that you pack, including weapons, supplies, and creature comforts.  However, finding that balance could be very difficult.

About two weeks ago, Man Alive released of video discussing what they would want to pack when they were venturing off into the land of the undead.   If you’re not familiar with Man Alive, don’t worry.  There’s plenty of time to catch up since they are a pretty new part of YouTube.

Man Alive is made up of Harley Morenstein and David Hueff of the popular web series Epic Meal Time and the television show Epic Meal Empire.  Now, they’re venturing a bit off the track from making some of the largest and most calorie filled foods to discussing topics in a casual format.

Here is the video of Man Alive discussing what they’d pack in their bags for a zombie apocalypse:


But this video brings up some great questions.  What kind of supplies would you want to take with you into a world filled with zombies?  Would you want to be super practical and try to find your creature comforts along the way?  Or would you pack mostly things to help entertain yourself and scavenge for things like food and supplies?

Personally, I’m a person of logic.  I’d probably have a bag more like Harley does in the video than David’s.  When you have zombies all around you, what good are things like an iPad?  We all know that during a massive scale zombie outbreak that electricity, internet, and phone lines all end up going down along with most other public utilities.

In the end, I would probably pack some cured meats, nuts, and jars of jam/jelly along with a first aid kit, bowie knife and a rubik’s cube.  I think that’s a nice balance of weapons, supplies, and entertainment that could last me a while.

What would you guys pack?  Discuss it in the comments below.

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