This Walking Dead Star Wasn’t Upset That Beth Was Killed Off


Carl Grimes is not a character everyone loves, and his opinions on the topic of Beth’s eat will earn him even less love from Walking Dead fans. 

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead saw Beth meet her end in what was an emotional episode for fans and actors alike. Beth was starting to come into her own as a character and was someone that actors on set had grown attached to.

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Not everyone was super attached to Beth though, as her death didn’t punch everyone on set in the nuts the way it has been made out to have.

In a recent fan Q&A, Chandler Riggs — who plays Carl Grimes — let it be known that he wasn’t particularly beat up when he learned that Beth was going to be killed off the show.

"well scott called all of us (like he always does with character deaths) and told us that she would be dying. i figured it was bound to happen sometime, so i wasnt like sobbing or anything. plus i havent really done a scene with her since the mid season finale of season 4, and before that was in like season 3. it wasnt like i hung out with her all the time, so it wasnt super devastating for me."

While on the surface this seems pretty cold, Riggs has a point. He never really worked with Emily Kinney on the show enough to have formed the type of relationship she had with other actors. Norman Reedus and Lauren Cohan both spent more time with Beth than other actors on the show, and Riggs character of Carl wasn’t that attached either.

Carl is having trouble forming a relationship with his father, let alone one with Beth. There could have been something there, but whatever relationship they may have had in earlier season quickly became background noise as their paths continued to go in different directions.

This doesn’t mean that Riggs hated working with Emily Kinney, rather it simply means he wasn’t as attached as other cast members were.

Oh, and this totally gives us another reason to loathe Carl.

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