Rant: The Walking Dead is NOT A Documentary


The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, but it can be taken far too seriously by some fans.

There have been many moments on the show that defied the laws of physics, were coincidences that were extremely unlikely, or just plain absurd.  But ultimately, The Walking Dead is meant to be enjoyed as what it is: a television show.

For example, MTV recently did an interview with Dr. Mogelof to explain how the different wounds would make each character die in on The Walking Dead.   The article was titled “A Doctor Explains Why Everyone On ‘The Walking Dead’ Should Be Dead“.  In the article, a medical professional explained some of the different wounds and why each of the different kind of ailments would be fatal.

The only thing the article did for me was make me confused.

The wounds that people like Merle Dixon, Hershel Greene, or Bob Stookey sustained would most likely be fatal for most folks who don’t have medical personnel on hand immediately.  But that concept has to be suspended for the magic of television.  The Walking Dead’s viewers should be well aware that while the television show wants to be somewhat believable, it is still just a scripted show meant to entertain.

I know it’s not possible that MTV, other media organizations, and fans of the show are thinking that The Walking Dead is a documentary.  The events on the show are meant to entertain and amuse.  People shouldn’t watch the hit AMC show to learn how to perform medical procedures or survive a van crash off a bridge.  If people want that kind of information, there are much better sources than a zombie based television show on AMC.

My advice to viewers of the Walking Dead is simple.  Just enjoy the show.  Sure, there will be moments that aren’t possible or likely, but that’s just because it is entertainment.  It’s a tv show.  It’s meant to be a release from reality when you can just sit back and get lost in a story for a while.

Like The Joker said in The Dark Knight, “Why so serious”?

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