Can Maggie Greene Ever Be Happy Again On The Walking Dead?


Things haven’t been easy for Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead since we met her on the farm back in season 2.

When Hershel’s property became overrun by walkers, she lost countless family members including her step-mother Annette, step-brother Shawn, and cousin Arnold.  She did manage to escape the farm with Glenn in a large SUV that Shane Walsh was fixing up while the farm was assaulted, but the impact of losing all those people that were close to her had to hurt.

While dealing with that loss, she was able to lift her spirits by finding her father Hershel and step-sister Beth before making the prison their home.  Things got better for a while, as Glenn and Maggie found their relationship grow and develop, with Glenn even proposing marriage.  But then her father Hershel got bit, had his leg chopped off and was left to hobble around.  Later on, during the downfall of the prison, Maggie Greene had to watch as The Governor chopped into her father’s head with Michonne’s sword.

Once everyone scattered from the prison, Maggie had little time to grieve her father’s death.  She focused on reuniting with her love, Glenn.  She left notes along her route, hoping that Glenn would find them and follow.  Her plan worked, and the two got back together.  Meanwhile, her step-sister Beth was nowhere to be found.

After she learned Beth was still alive, Maggie was overjoyed.  She made her way to the hospital where Beth was being held just in time see Daryl carry out Beth’s lifeless body.  Maggie dropped to the ground, sobbing uncontrollably.

Now, Maggie is left in a really bad place.  She’s lost every relative that she had at the farm and hasn’t been able to work her way through the pain and anguish enough to accept what has happened.  She has Glenn to help her through the pain, but Maggie’s lack of faith lately and how she can be hard-headed at times could make things difficult for anyone trying to help her.

With Maggie Greene entering a pivotal time in her life, will she be able to gather enough strength to work through everything that happened?  Or will she fall apart under all the pain and sadness that she’s experienced?  We’ll find out a lot of these answers in the second half of The Walking Dead’s fifth season.  But until then, we’ll continue to worry about her well being.

And hopefully she can be happy again.

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