Walking Dead Cast Autographs Among Most Forged In 2014


After a recent study, it looks as though you might not want to place orders for your cast and crew autographs from The Walking Dead on a third party website or from other non-reputable means.

In a recent study, it was shown that approximately half of the autographs from The Walking Dead were forgeries or replications that were being passed off as authentic.  Buyers of The Walking Dead’s memorabilia need to be much more careful of these scam artists that are looking to make a buck of fans of the hit AMC show.

For the first time since they began studies, the leading third-party authenticators of autographs and memorabilia, PSA/DNA, has added The Waling Dead to list of biggest celebrity “buyer beware” autographs.  Here is the complete list of 10 for those who are curious:

The top 10 “buyer beware” celebrity autograph list according to PSA/DNA authenticators:

  1. The Beatles
  2. Elvis Presley
  3. Neil Armstrong
  4. John F. Kennedy
  5. Michael Jackson
  6. Marilyn Monroe
  7. Jim Morrison
  8. Jimi Hendrix
  9. The Rolling Stones
  10. “The Walking Dead” cast

Personally, I live in an area where it’s hard to get to many of the bigger entertainment conventions and haven’t been out to some of the other signing events for stars of The Walking Dead.  Yet, I know that usually if a deal looks too good to be true that it probably is.

If authenticity of The Walking Dead’s autographs is important to you, the best way to know they’re real is to get them yourself, in person.  If that’s not possible, look for PSA/DNA authentication on anything you’re purchasing.  Other companies also do authentication, but very few have the solid reputation that PSA/DNA has.

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